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Battler Ushiromiya
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MessageSujet: RED TRUTH ARC 6 (CHIRU)   Jeu 1 Juil - 11:52

Voici les red truth du 6° jeu : The Dawn of the golden witch...
Le jeu n'étant même pas encore fini de traduit, non seulement vous aller vous spoiler mais ces informations sont sujettes à caution...

* That Beatrice can't be resurrected another time.
* I was born for Father's sake.
* This is a true story!!
* There was no such trick!! It was a normal table and a cup!!
* Your so-called candy magic is just sleight of hand!! A simple trick that your false witch Beatrice showed you and pretended it was magic!
* [Request: The six rooms were all closed rooms.] I acknowledge it. [But only up until Gohda cut the chains and so forth and the rooms were broken into.]
* [Request: The closed room definition indicates that construction from outside is impossible.] I acknowledge it.
* [Request: The closed room definition indicates that all forms of influence between the inside and outside of the room are impossible.] I acknowledge it. [However, I won't deny common influences such as knocks, voices, or the internal phone line that could be theorized about a normal room.]
* [Request: When the locked rooms were destroyed, no one existed inside the rooms except the victims (Natsuhi, Eva, Kyrie, Rosa, Maria, and Battler.)] I acknowledge it.
* [Request: After the closed rooms were destroyed, other than me, the only people who entered the rooms were the following four people: Krauss, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, and Gohda.] I acknowledge it. [But that's only up to the present time. Other people could come later in the game.]
* The four people, Krauss, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, and Gohda were not involved the the murders of the six people, Natsuhi, Eva, Kyrie, Rosa, Maria, and Battler.
* [Request: Excluding being killed by another person, none of the victims died by any other means whatsoever.] I acknowledge it.
* [Request: The six victims of the first twilight are where they were discovered. Natsuhi is in her room, Eva in the honored guest room, Kyrie in Krauss's study, Rosa and Maria in the parlor, and you in the guest room!] I'll acknowledge that.
* [Request: Those who are in the neighboring room are Hideyoshi, George, Shannon, Kumasawa, and Nanjo!] I acknowledge it.
* [Since he's confirmed not to exist, please exclude him.] I acknowledge that all other people are in the cousins' room.
* [Due to the seals on the doors and windows,] the sealing of the cousins' room and neighboring room is guaranteed.
* I have confirmed that the guest room is perfectly sealed. The closed room has been maintained ever since Erika confirmed Battler's presence.
* I swear to render a fair judgement.
* Ushiromiya Battler is not on the bed.
* Knox's 3rd commandment. The existence of secret passages is forbidden.
* Inside the guest room, no hiding places exist that cannot be found by Erika.
* Excluding one place, no one's body is inside the bedroom.
* No one's body is inside the bathroom.
* We have confirmed that, overlooking one place, Battler does not exist in the guest room.
* Ushiromiya Battler does not exist in the guest room. ...That's including the closet, with no exceptions whatsoever.
* At that time the moment I entered the room, I immediately closed the door and reset the chain lock, sealing the room.
* Erika repaired the chain lock.
* Erika "sealed" the room by connecting the sections of the severed chain using her duct tape. In short, she used the seals to repair the chain, and used that to make a closed room again from the inside.
* The duct tape seals aren't limited to a number of uses, right? It's the number of rooms. ...The only limitation is the three room limit. ...Erika chose this guest room as one of those three. So in this room, she has the right to seal as many places and as many times as she wants.
* I declare that using the duct tape seals, the chain lock has been restored to its former utility. And, by means of that, I locked it at the moment I came in, making this guest room a closed room again from the inside.
* [Request: right now, the chain lock is still locked.] The chain lock is still locked.
* Ushiromiya Kyrie...cannot save Battler.
* Ushiromya Natsuhi cannot save Battler.
* Ushiromiya Eva cannot save Battler.
* He's finished. Neither Rosa nor Maria can save him. ...Finishedfinishedfinishedfinished, finishedfinishedfinishedfinished, Die the death! Sentence to death! Great Equalizer is the death!
* Knox's 7th commandment. It is forbidden for the detective to be the culprit.
* I properly re-killed them.
* She killed them in various different ways, but afterwards she completely severed all of the victims' heads.
* All five of the people I killed... were perfectly alive until the exact moment I killed them.
* Ladies and gentlemen, we humbly offer to state the following. Please know that neither of the seals on the cousins' room and neighboring room doors is broken.
* Please know that an unbroken seal is, in short, proof that it has prevented anyone from leaving thus far.
* Though there is no need to say it at this point, please know that going in or out without breaking the seal is impossible!
* This room is a closed room created from the inside. The window seals are intact, so escaping from the windows is impossible. Of course, there's no way to escape from the bathroom either. ...I'll say it clearly. There is no exit you can escape from other than this door. But this door's chain lock is set. You're free to unset it or reset it, but you can only do so from inside. And you're even free to go out the door, but that doesn't count as an escape unless the chain lock is set.
* That is impossible. The seals on the window were also intact. Naturally, I am referring to the time of the logic error.
* Please know that the use of blue truths claiming that the seal on the neighboring room's window was broken at the time of the logic error has been forbidden.
* Respectfully, please know that the duty to respond to appropriate blue truths has not been invoked...!
* The one who helped Battler escape was unmistakably Kanon himself.
* Battler and Kanon are different people.
* The cousins' room was confirmed to be a closed room right up to the very end.
* The neighboring room was certainly sealed, but at the time of the logic error, only the seal on the door was confirmed to be intact.
* The people who were in the neighboring room at the time it was sealed were Hideyoshi, George, Kumasawa, Shannon, and Nanjo. And, there were exactly five people in the neighboring room. No one other than the people corresponding to those five names existed! All names refer only to the actual people!
* At the time Battler was rescued, the only one who entered the guest room was Kanon.
* I'll acknowledge it. From the time you entered the room until the logic error occured, the only ones who entered or exited the room were you, Battler, and Kanon.
* I'll acknowledge it. You, Battler, and Kanon add up to three people.
* [Definition check. That "three people" refers to the number of bodies, correct? That means three bodies went in and out, right?] Of course. Three people, that is, three bodies, went in and out of the room. Only you and Kanon entered, and only Battler left. I already stated with the red truth that all names refer only to the actual people. Therefore, the names "Erika", "Battler", and "Kanon" refer only to the actual people.
* [Request: I am not the rescuer.] Of course not! You're the detective, aren't you? Relax, I'll respect that!</span>
* The rescuer is defined as the person who reset the chain lock after Battler unset it. Let us set aside the question of whether the rescue was intentional.
* [Request: The act of going in and out is defined by whether or not one crossed the boundary between the guestroom and the outside.] I'll acknowledge it.
* [Definition check. The guest room consists of three parts: the bedroom, the bathroom, and the inside of the closet.] I have also recognized that. And you have already confirmed witht he red truth that no one was hiding in two of those parts, the bedroom and the bathroom.
* The game ended when I entered the guest room, so I never unset the chain lock after I set it. Therefore, someone following me out of the room after I left doesn't work. Also, I set the chain lock at the same time I entered the room. It is impossible for someone to have left the room in the few seconds between when I entered and when I set the chain.
* The only chance Battler had to escape was after I broke the seal. Limiting it further, he had no chance to escape except during the period when I was in the bathroom.
* Kanon does not exist inside the bedroom.
* Kanon does not exist inside the guest room. ...Naturally this includes the closet, the bedroom, and the bathroom in their entirety.
* Nice to meet you, hello! I am Furudo Erika, a detective!! I may be an uninvited guest, but please welcome me!! I am the visitor, the eighteenth human on Rokkenjima!!
* We're very sorry, but even if we welcome you, the number of people is seventeen.


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Mister C.
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Sorcier Des Souvenirs

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MessageSujet: Re: RED TRUTH ARC 6 (CHIRU)   Jeu 1 Juil - 12:29

Lorsque tu donnes les red truth des épisodes d'Umineko no naku koro ni, pourrais-tu citer tes sources, s'il te plaît ? Même si, personnellement, je me doute de la réponse, certaines personnes ne sont pas sensées savoir où tu as obtenu ces informations.

Sinon, je n'en connaissais que 2 ou 3...En fait, il y en a plus que ce que je pensais.^^
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Battler Ushiromiya
Sorcier De L'Infini
Sorcier De L'Infini

Messages : 2988
Date d'inscription : 07/03/2010
Age : 26
Localisation : Meta-world

MessageSujet: Re: RED TRUTH ARC 6 (CHIRU)   Jeu 1 Juil - 15:01

Oui bien sûr, il me semblait les avoir déjà citées dans un post dédié aux sites et forums sur Umineko mais je redonne les sources :

Je ne donne pas le liens direct vers la catégorie des Red Truth car il est beaucoup plus facile de se spoiler que sur le forum (en effet TOUTES les red Truth sont sur la même page <.<)


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MessageSujet: Re: RED TRUTH ARC 6 (CHIRU)   

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