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Battler Ushiromiya
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Sorcier De L'Infini

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MessageSujet: RED TRUTH ARC 4   Jeu 1 Juil - 11:44

Voici les red Truth de l'arc 4 : Alliance of The Golden Witch

Si vous avez un problème de compréhension n'hésitez pas à demander une traduction.

* Six years ago for me, no person called Beatrice existed.
o (Used by Beatrice and repeated by Battler in Chapter 17: Cause of the Tragedy.)
* The sin I am now demanding that you remember is not between Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice.
o (Used by Beatrice.)
* Ushiromiya Battler has a sin
* Because of your sin, people die.
o (This is referring to Battler's sin.)
* Due to your sin, a great many humans on this island die.
* No one escapes, all die.
* My name is Ushiromiya Battler
o (Used by Battler.)
* I am the Golden Witch, Beatrice.
o (Used by Beatrice.)
* And I opened this game in order to fight Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandchild Ushiromiya Battler.
* Ushiromiya Battler's mother is Ushiromiya Asumu.
o (Used by Battler.)
* My name is Ushiromiya Battler
* It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born.
* It was from Ushiromiya[, ......, ......nguh, ............?! ......?!?!"]
o (The original statement reads: It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that you {Battler} were born.)
* I am Ushiromiya Battler
* It was from Ushiro[miya Asumu that, ah, ngagh, ......nnnggghh......!!!]
* You are not Ushiromiya Asumu's son
o (Used by Beatrice to refer to Battler.)
* This is my Golden Land
o (Used by Beatrice in Chapter 19: Ushiromiya Ange.)
* A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist
* This is my Golden Land
* A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist
* [And my] magic was not able to revive Sakutarou
* That stuffed animal is a special stuffed animal
* Made by Rosa for her daughter's birthday, and in the entire world, the only[,]
* Ushiromiya Battler is not Ushiromiya Asumu's son.
o (Used by ANGE-Beatrice to confirm Statement 149.)
* Battler is not Asumu's son
* No one except Kinzo's grandchild Battler is qualified to be an opponent
* Ange is, little sister
o (Used by Battler.)
* You can't trust anything, you can't trust any words that aren't red...!!
* Come home quickly, Onii-chan!!
o (Used by ANGE-Beatrice.)
* Don't leave me all alone!!!
* It's me, it's Ange...!!
* Dad and Mom and one comes home!!
* I'm lonely!!
* I beg you, come home quickly!
* That's right, I'm Ange!!
* The Ushiromiya Ange of a world where no one comes home...!!
* .........My entire family...never came home from Rokkenjima that day...!!
* The witch before your eyes stole away my whole family, even you, Onii-chan...!
* .........Only you can finish her, Onii-chan!!
* Finish her...!!
* Then, take your family back!!
* And then, .........come home to me......!!!
* Kanon is dead.
o (Used by Beatrice in Tea Party.)
* Among the five people in Kyrie's group, he was the first to die.
* In short, he was the 9th victim.
* All of the master keys were under Rosa's control!
o (This is referring to Natsuhi's closed room scenario in Episode 2.)
* George did not go down the stairs of the guesthouse.
o (This is referring to George's disappearance from the guesthouse in Episode 3.)
* All windows and doors leading to the outside were locked from the inside.
* Furthermore, it is impossible to lock any of those from outside!
* All of those who met at the family conference recognized the existence of Kinzo!
o (This is referring to Kinzo's appearance in Episode 4.)
* No person would mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight.
* No matter what the disguise, they would not mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo!
* Kinzo's life or death status is the same at the start of each of the four games.
* The setup was not different for the fourth game alone...!
* Kinzo is already dead at the starting time for all games!
* Before now, I have proclaimed that no more than 18 humans exist on this island.
* I will lower that by one for Kinzo!!
* No more than 17 humans exist on this island!!
* That excludes any 18th person.
* In short, this 18th person X does not exist!!
* This applies to all games!!!
* Both were killed by another person!
o (This is referring to the second twilight of Episode 1.)
* It is not the case that, after the construction of the closed room, one of them committed suicide after committing murder!
* Furthermore, the murder was carried out with both the victim and the perpetrator in the same room!
* No method exists for the perpetrator to commit murder from outside the room!
* All of the survivors have alibis! Let us include the dead as well!!
* In short, no kind of human or dead person on the island could have killed Kanon!
* Kanon did not commit suicide
* Maria, who was in the same room, did not kill them!
o (This is referring to the deaths of Genji, Nanjo, and Kumasawa in Episode 1.)
* And of course, the three were killed by other people!
* Regarding the unidentified corpses, all of their identities are guaranteed. Therefore, no body double tricks exist!
* Natsuhi was killed by another person!
o (This is referring to Natsuhi's death in Episode 1.)
* There are no unidentified corpses, and all of the survivors have alibis!
* The bullet buried into Natsuhi's forehead was not fired from Natsuhi's gun!
* Starting when Maria's key was received, and until the instant Rosa unsealed it the next day, it passed through no one's hands!!
o (This is referring to the chapel murder in Episode 2.)
* No door with an auto-lock exists other than Kinzo's study!
* The six people were already dead by the time they were discovered!
* All were killed by other people!
* All six were genuine victims, and did not take part in a mutual murder!
* There was no simultaneous murder!!
* There was no one hiding in the chapel.
* By this, a shut-in murder like you say does not work!
* They definitely would not mistake any different person for Kanon!
o (This is referring to Kanon's appearance in Episode 2.)
* All five master keys were discovered, each in the pocket of one of the servants!
o (This is referring to the first twilight of Episode 3.)
* The individual keys were found inside envelopes alongside the corpses!
* In short, all keys related to the linked closed rooms were locked inside the linked closed rooms!!
* The keys cannot be returned from outside the room using the crack of the door, the crack of the window, vents or any place of the sort!!
* All of them had wounds resembling gunshot wounds which became fatal!
* It is impossible for the murder to have taken place from outside the room!!
* I shall say more with the red! When the five other than Kinzo were murdered, the murderer was definitely in the same room!
* I already proclaimed in red at the time that there were no suicides!!
* Ushiromiya Battler. I will now...kill you.

* And right now, there is no one other than you on this island. The only one alive on this island is you. Nothing outside the island can interfere.

* You are all alone on this island. And of course, I am not you. Yet I am here, now, and will kill you.
o (This is referring to the game of Episode 4.)
* the identities of all unidentified corpses are guaranteed
o (Used by Lambdadelta in ????? for Episode 1.)
* Kanon did not die in an accident!
o (This refers to Kanon's death in Episode 1.)
* Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are not murderers
o (This refers to their deaths in Episode 1.)
* The thing that shot Natsuhi wasn't a trap, it was a real shooting murder with a gun raised and trigger pulled!
o (This refers to her death in Episode 1.)
* When the six were killed in the chapel, the culprit was inside the chapel!
o (This refers to chapel murders in Episode 2.)
* The only one who can claim Kanon's name is the person himself!
* A different person cannot claim his name!
* After the master keys came into Rosa's control, never did any of them leave her hands! Except for the time when she lent it to Battler to unlock Natsuhi's room.
o (This refers to the master keys in Episode 2.)


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