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MessageSujet: RED TRUTH ARC 3   Jeu 1 Juil - 11:42

Voici les red truth de l'arc 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch

Si vous avez un problème de compréhension n'hésitez pas à poster pour demander une traduction =D

* Of all of the doors that exist on Rokkenjima, none has a crack through which a key can slip
o (Used by Belphegor in Prologue.)
* I have the power to speak the truth in red
o (Used by Beatrice in Chapter 4: Probability of a 19th Person.)
* In the forest of Rokkenjima, a hidden mansion called Kuwadorian exists
o (Used by Ronove in Chapter 5: Rosa and the Witch of the Forest.)
* [In the past,] those two actually had a conversation like that in this place
o (Those two refers to Kinzo and Human Beatrice.)
* This is the world of 1967
* In 1967, in a hidden mansion on Rokkenjima, Beatrice-sama existed as a human
* She is definitely dead
o (Used by Beatrice. She is referring to her human self.)
* There are no more than 18 people on this Rokkenjima
o (The Rokkenjima of 1986.)
* There are five, one for each servant.
o (Used by Beatrice in Chapter 9: Skirmish. It refers to the master keys in this game.)
* Furthermore, all of the doors and windows in the 6 rooms are normal.
o (The six rooms in this statement refers to the parlor, the chapel, the boiler room, the honored guest room, the waiting room, and the guest room.)
* No device exists which can lock them without a key, such as an auto-lock.
* 6 people: Kinzo, Genji, Shannon, Kanon, Gohda, and Kumasawa are dead!
* There is no one hiding in the six rooms!
* The six people died instantly!
* Only the victims are inside the rooms, and no other people exist inside the rooms.
o (Used by Ronove.)
* The six people were not killed by traps
o (Used by Beatrice.)
* None of the six people committed suicide!
* There are no more than 18 people on this island
* Rosa and Maria died
o (Used by Beatrice in Chapter 13: Warning of Sacrifices.)
* The cause of death was as Nanjo diagnosed
o (The diagnosis for Maria and Rosa were bare handed strangling and a stab to the medulla oblongata with the pointed gate of the fence, respectively.)
* Rosa and Maria were killed by other people
o (Used by Ronove in Beatrice's stead.)
* I was in the room the whole time
o (Used by Ushiromiya Hideyoshi in EVA-Beatrice's stead in Chapter 17: The Witch's Courtroom. The room is refering to the guesthouse second floor room.)
* Both before and after the time period of the crime
* Kyrie was thinking that food was unnecessary
o (Used by EVA-Beatrice. The scenario in question is the event where Rudolf, Kyrie, and Hideyoshi went outside to get food.)
* she claimed that they should not leave the guesthouse
* [And yet, she herself] suggested that they leave the guesthouse to get food
* the reason she changed her mind was not told to anyone, nor was it written down
* Until the last instant before she died, Kyrie preserved her pattern of behavior which states 'not going to get food=not going to the mansion'
* Kyrie did not leave anything written down
* After Jessica was injured, Eva was always under Battler's supervision.
o (From this point on, all the remaining red text in this game refer to this current scenario.)
* Battler is neither the culprit nor an accomplice.
* By this, we can establish a perfect alibi for Eva
* There are no more than 18 people on this island
* No life forms other than humans have any connection to this game
* Kinzo is dead
* Krauss is dead
* Natsuhi is dead
* Hideyoshi is dead
* George is dead
* Rudolf is dead
* Kyrie is dead
* Rosa is dead
* Maria is dead
* Genji is dead
* Shannon is dead
* Kanon is dead
* Gohda is dead
* Kumasawa is dead
* Nanjo is dead
* The 15 people mentioned are dead
* Battler is alive
* Eva is alive
* Jessica is alive
* Eva was with you the whole time.
* So committing a crime was impossible for her.
* Of course, Battler-kun isn't the culprit.
* He wasn't forging an alibi for her, and he took the possibility that she was the culprit into account, watching her actions carefully.
* No chance existed for her to do anything suspicious!
* In short, at the time of the crime, only Nanjo and Jessica were in the servants' room
* Ushiromiya Jessica has not committed murder
* She was not involved with Nanjo's murder
* Her eyes were completely blocked.
* It's impossible for her to carry out a murder like that
* Neither Eva nor Battler killed Nanjo, nor were they involved
* The culprit who killed Nanjo was neither Battler nor Eva nor Jessica
* Jessica's eyes were completely blocked, and murder was impossible for her
o (This is in response to Battler's statement about Jessica having multiple personalities.)
* No actions caused by Jessica's body had any relation to or influence on the murder of Nanjo
* This also applies to Battler and Eva
* neither Jessica nor Battler nor Eva is the culprit who killed Nanjo
* Nanjo was killed by another person
* Of course, it was with a direct method of murder, not a trap
* A weapon was readied, and he was killed with it from point-blank range in front of him!
* The culprit appeared openly before Nanjo's eyes, and as they both looked at each other's faces, the culprit killed him
* The red only tells the truth
* Absolutely no factors other than humans participate in this game board
o (This is in response to any factor such as animals or robots that might have been involved.)
* The one who killed Nanjo was definitely a human
* A human, with their feet on the ground, held up a weapon and killed with it!
* Right before his eyes!


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